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I really enjoyed this show you guys. Y’all make me laugh and that is good for the soul. I hope 2 C y’all 2nite! Love you guys!

VJB 1976

You never know what you’re gonna get while hanging out in Rocci Stucci’s Situation Room. Youz get a little of dis or a little of dat but either way, youz learn som’tin before youz leave. Yuh, knowz what I mean? Fuhgeddaboudit!
(using my #Meatball voice)

Seriously, the best hour of my day is spent hanging with my dudes and the #MeatballArmy 

Audrey Rowden

Whether it’s testimonials, testaments or testicles, you’ll have a great time letting it all hang out in the Situation Room with the one, the only Rocci Stucci Media and crew where no topic is safe!

Robert Bower

One of the BEST combos in Media…thank you for doing this guys!…

James Sheets Jr.

Just when you thought it was safe to put on your Antifa mask…BOOM, da meatball slaps you down! Don’t miss the best show on internet radio, the Stiuation Room with Rocci Stucci!

Dave Goshorn

The Rocci Stucci Media / The Situation Room is on point & always delivers. So many interesting topics plus the handsome Rocci. Who could ask for anything more? 👏👏👏

P.K. Sequeira

Rocci Stucci is the new Joe Rogan. Funny, entertaining and informative. A must see show. Meatball Army for the win!! – The Big Sarge Show

Robert Brandt

I’ve lost 6 pounds since I started listening to The Situation Room with Rocci Stucci My midnight snacking has diminished while I sit by my computer with a glass and stogie. Thank you Rocci & #MeatballArmy

Michele Dunbar

Rocci Stucci – tells it like it is, is entertaining, truthful, and in your face.

Jami Christopher

Funny, yet real, an in your face show that will both crack you up and challenge you with an array of guests to compliment the #Meatball and #TheBigCannoli

Suz Moore Mckie

Whether Rocci Stucci is kicking it with his co host the great Scotty Roberts or some awesome guest The Situation Room is guaranteed to never be dull or boring, Brain food for the mind

Louis Boyce