Memorial Day Celebrity Softball Classic


The Memorial Day Celebrity Softball Classic, benefiting Carry the Load, features an coed celebrity softball game that includes professional athletes, musicians, celebrities from film/television and our military heroes . This fun, family-friendly, celebrity-filled event is a must-see! Purchase your tickets today and help benefit a great veteran organization.

When: Saturday – May 25, 2019

Where: Airhogs Stadium
             1600 Lone Star Pkwy
             Grand Prairie, TX 75050


Game Day Information:

Gates Open at 3pm Homerun Derby Begins at 4pm First Pitch and Game will begin at 5pm Game will be concluded by 7pm 

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Rocci is a promoter of patriotism, and the constitution. He strongly believes in the values in which the country was established, and speaks against all that try to take these freedoms away. It is a NECESSITY, to ensure a future for our children!

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Scotty (The Big Cannoli) Roberts


Scotty Roberts
Creative/Art Director, Illustrator, Designer, Rogue Historian, Rapscallion Theologian, Adventurer, Paranormalist, Photographer, Author and Writer

I am a designer, Illustrator and writer of fiction & non-fiction, occupationally hovering in the advertising ghettos of Minneapolis & Saint Paul, Minnesota. But that is merely the "normal" side of me. I have had an illustrious career that sometimes seems and feels more the stuffs of fictional characters than the down-to-earth roles I play in my day-to-day existence. I have been places and seen things that most people only experience vicariously through books, movies and other sources of the wild imaginative. Yet, I have been there, in those exotic, alluring, haunted places, experiencing what some might only find in the realm of their daydreams... or nightmares.

Being an academician, I maintain my pragmatic persona and a healthy skepticism. But I must admit that I have been touched by the mysterious and the metaphysical. In my adventures, I have found that Horror meets History, and the diaphanous world of "gods, demigods and spirits of the dead" - as 4th century BCE Egyptian historian Manetho said it best - is very real, ebbing and flowing, in and out of the land of the corporeal.

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