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Rocci Stucci (Rocky Stew-Chee)


Welcome to “Rocci Stucci’s Situation Room”, with your hard charging, no nonsense, take no prisoners, master of ceremonies…… The “Emotional Meatball”, Rocci Stucci!

Unscripted, unfiltered, and completely unapologetic. “Rocci Stucci’s Situation Room” is the absolute antithesis to the malpractice of western media, and the bonafide, guaranteed cure to society’s ills.

Rocci is a purveyor of patriotism, and a constitutional connoisseur, who strongly believes in the values on which this great nation was founded.

The show covers a wide array of daily events ranging from current events, politics, life, conspiracies, paranormal and so much more.

All opinions are welcome but be forewarned: This show is NOT for the faint of heart. Be prepared to both state and defend your case.

Intrigued? Of course, you are!!

With an already large, and rapidly expanding audience of loyal nightly listeners, it has already been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the world has begun to sit up, and take notice, of Rocci Stucci.

So, tune in, and turn on. You won’t want to miss what happens next.

Rocci Stucci’s Situation Room.

#EmotionalMeatball #MeatballArmy #Shuddup


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Cryptic Code of the Templars in America: Origins of the Hooked X

 Third in the Hooked X series, this book explores more mysterious and controversial artifacts and sites that tell a vastly different story of the history of North American than the current narrative. The intentionally suppressed artifacts, sites and historical events, previously called “frauds” and “hoaxes”, are finally coming to light as beacons of historical truth and shine brighter than ever fueled by a tidal wave of new scientific facts and recently discovered documents. The startling revelations in the Cryptic Code are sure to generate new controversies such as the shocking medieval Templar discovery of the origin of the Hooked X no one could have predicted. Wolter’s initiation into York Rite Freemasonry provided the final clue scholars missed trying to solve the most enigmatic artifact of all discovered in Minnesota in 1898; the Kensington Rune Stone. For over a century, scholars tried to tell the rune stone what it was supposed to be, instead letting of the artifact tell them what it is; the symbolic keystone of the United States of America, or what the brethren called, “The Free Templar State.” 

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Scotty (The Big Cannoli) Roberts


Scotty Roberts
Creative/Art Director, Illustrator, Designer, Rogue Historian, Rapscallion Theologian, Adventurer, Paranormalist, Photographer, Author and Writer

I am a designer, Illustrator and writer of fiction & non-fiction, occupationally hovering in the advertising ghettos of Minneapolis & Saint Paul, Minnesota. But that is merely the "normal" side of me. I have had an illustrious career that sometimes seems and feels more the stuffs of fictional characters than the down-to-earth roles I play in my day-to-day existence. I have been places and seen things that most people only experience vicariously through books, movies and other sources of the wild imaginative. Yet, I have been there, in those exotic, alluring, haunted places, experiencing what some might only find in the realm of their daydreams... or nightmares.

Being an academician, I maintain my pragmatic persona and a healthy skepticism. But I must admit that I have been touched by the mysterious and the metaphysical. In my adventures, I have found that Horror meets History, and the diaphanous world of "gods, demigods and spirits of the dead" - as 4th century BCE Egyptian historian Manetho said it best - is very real, ebbing and flowing, in and out of the land of the corporeal.


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